Who ever heard of a £15,000 a year housewife living a £50,000
a year lifestyle?

How could she holiday at least 3 times a year, completely re-model her home (including an £11,000 fitted kitchen), dine at London’s most exclusive restaurants and still have £150 a week after living expenses?

But more importantly, is it possible for you to live a similar – or better lifestyle – than she does; without asking your boss for a raise, without working an extra minute, without scrimping and saving?

The answer below may surprise you…

From: Kelly-Marie Dudley, Editor, Simply Prizes

      Dear Friend,

Did you know that you can get hundreds of companies to send you thousands of pounds worth of gifts merely by filling out a simple form?

      It’s true!

      To promote and advertise their products these companies are giving away these gifts on an almost daily basis.

      For example, just take a look at what one of these well-placed forms could have brought to your front door, absolutely FREE!

Last Month:

A VIP weekend to London for four people and tickets to see the musical, The Sound of Music – FREE!

£30,000 Cash – FREE!

A bouquet of flowers delivered to your door, every month for a year! – FREE!

A Mazda MX5 – FREE!

An elephant safari for two people including flights, transfers and accommodation – FREE!

Two nights in a five star spa hotel – FREE!

A shopping break for two in London including accommodation, travel expenses and £1,000 spending money – FREE!

A Mothercare nursery worth £2,000 – FREE!

A PS3 and an Xbox 360 plus games – FREE!

A Ford Streetka Winter Edition Car – FREE!

A Vintage V300 Guitar – FREE!

A pair of tickets to see England v Wales in the Six Nation Tournament – FREE!

And much, much moreFREE!

      But there’s a catch: these gifts are not widely advertised together in one place. In fact, 98% of all Britons won’t get a single, solitary item from this £12 MILLION annual give-away. And that’s because 98% of Britons simply don’t know where to go or how to ask for them…

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      Because I’m going to tell you where to go… what to do… and how to ask for – and get – an almost endless supply of these top-quality items turning up at your home.

      Incredible? You don’t have to take my word for it. Because you’re also going to see the proof of what I say...

      Then, I’m going to give you the opportunity to test drive a special bulletin that lists all these sources of free gifts – for virtually nothing. The information this service can send you is priceless. And no one should be without it. But I’d like to give you the chance to try it for just 97 pence per month, for three whole months!

      But that’s not all.

      Because I’m also going to send you 2 additional FREE gifts.

      The first gives you 20 unique ways to lay claim to these items.The second is an email update once a week to tell you how to claim these goods.

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      Please understand that all of these gifts are TOTALLY FREE.There are no strings attached. There’s no obligation to buy anything, now or ever.

      Dozens of people – from all walks of life — are using the information contained in this special bulletin to change every aspect of their lives in dramatic – and in some cases, life-changing ways.

      People like Christine Williams. She was very sceptical at first. If you’d have told her before she discovered the real secrets of how to claim these items for free, chances are…she would have broken down in fits of laughter right there in front of you.Who wouldn’t, right?

      But we made her the very same offer we’re making to you right now, in this report. Like most people she figured “hey, what’s to lose?” And boy is she ever glad she did! Among the hundreds of items she has received, none have been more welcome than the holidays she’s been able to take.

33 different holidays - for FREE

      To be precise, she’s been on 33 holidays as a result of reading and applying what she discovered in our unique monthly bulletin! That’s not a typo – she really has been on 33 different holidays without the burden of actually having to pay for them, you understand.

      Many have been weekend breaks in sunny (!!) old Britain. Pampering and relaxation retreats…
sight-seeing tours…health spa breaks…even all expenses paid trips to high profile movie premieres!

      A good number though, have been amazing fairytale-type getaways. One time she got her approach spot on to coincide with her wedding and had one of these ‘lovely’ companies pick up the bill for her lavish, 3-week honeymoon on the sun-soaked island of Antigua! It’s true. But that’s just the beginning. Read on…

      In the past 12 months she’s enjoyed no less than 54 separate gifts from a number of different companies. And over the course of just a few years she’s picked up literally hundreds of these items.
A partial list includes…

      A 5-day all expenses paid trip to Manhattan, New York, complete with 5-star accommodation…
VIP trip to San Francisco for 5 nights complete with 5-star accommodation… cruise on the Carnival Legends maiden voyage. Breaks in Oslo, Dublin, Edinburgh, Bruges, London, Devon, half a dozen health breaks at luxurious spas, and more.

      But holidays are only the beginning.To list everything here in this report would take (literally) 10 pages all by itself. So what I’ll do is give you a small snapshot of the luxuries she’s picked up over the last 12-18 months…
Dishwasher and tumble dryer
Cash: £650
3 TVs including a home cinema system Man’s Mountain bike
5 (yes, five) DVD players
£11,000 fitted kitchen
2 hi-fi stereo systems. 2 CD players 2-night trip for 2 to Iceland
Free Sky TV subscription Limited edition Tissot T-Race Olympic watch

Year’s supply of Haribo sweets (for the children, of course!)

2 night accommodation at the 5-star Crown Plaza Hotel plus spending money

Backstage chats and photo sessions with Westlife, Atomic Kitten and other topranking celebs

And…I think you get the picture!
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      Perhaps you’ve even seen and heard about Christine’s huge success on TV and in local and national newspapers. Maybe you even heard her being interviewed on the radio. She’s become quite the celebrity.

      Sharing tea and biscuits with the Lord Mayor. VIP invitations to the latest movie premieres. Chatting with stars of the Silver Screen, her children invited to Disney Channel Awards ceremony – complete with backstage passes, of course!

      Yes, even her children have benefited hugely from her success. Meeting the singing stars of Westlife and many other top-ranking celebs for chat’s, autograph and photo sessions and more.

      As you can imagine, these are the things that really stand out. Sure, getting all those luxury items for free is great and can improve the quality of your lifestyle no end. But as Christine explained to me over the phone…

“Meeting celebrities, chatting with them and in general rubbing shoulders with the VIPs is so precious. And when the children meet their idols, the look on their faces is priceless! This is dream stuff. And forget money, you can’t buy that sort of thing.”

      All told, Christine picked up 54 different gifts last year – or, more than one free gift per week. But believe it or not, that’s considered a BAD year in her book! Why? Because out of every year she has been at this unique “business,” she’s averaged more than 2-3 of these gifts…every week!

      Pretty amazing, I think you’ll agree.

      And that brings us back to the original question: How does Christine live such an extravagant lifestyle? How has she really been able to double, then re-double the quality of her and her family’s lifestyle without working an extra minute?

      But more importantly, how can you use this information to carve out a lifestyle several notches above your current one; without asking your boss for a raise, without working an extra minute…and…without scrimping and saving?

Introducing Simply Prizes. The UK’s biggest, most accurate, comprehensive
and easy to use guide to great give-aways ever compiled.

      We’ve published a number of different competition related products in the past that have garnered such great acceptance from our customers. From a best-selling book to the fabulous Winners Friend newsletter.

      But none – I repeat, none – of these publications comes close to the impact that Simply Prizes has had. Why?

      Because the sheer quantity of our listings is simply staggering. Every month our small group of members are guaranteed no less than 5,000 individual prizes worth at least £1 MILLION.That means there’s plenty to go for. And these aren’t just your average, run of the mill prizes.

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These are top-of-the-line goods like those featured in our fabulous current issue of Simply Prizes.

A holiday to Barbados for four people, worth £7,500

A break to Barcelona for two people including flights and accommodation

£25,000 cash

A brand new Ford Fusion

A family trip to Lapland

£500 worth of John Lewis vouchers

A 10-day holiday to America for a family of four.

A £20,000 shopping spree at Debenhams

A weekend break in London including a hair makeover, £100 spending money and tickets to see the musical Hairspray

A Chevrolet car

£2,000 in travel vouchers

A Sony VA10 laptop and a year’s subscription to Post Office Broadband Extra

A 40” Sony Bravia LCD TV and a years supply of Guinness beer

A trip to Tahiti for two people including flights and accommodation

And much, much more. In fact, at least 4,971 more prizes up for grabs!

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      Entering prize draws is, quite simply, the best and easiest way to fill your home full of luxuries… pocket cash lump sums…drive around in brand new cars…suck up the cool sea breeze on sun-soaked Caribbean holidays…and in general, live a life of style, comfort and luxury that I know of.

      They’re incredibly exciting, too! As far as I’m concerned, nothing else beats the thrill of

receiving a phone call or letter out of the blue telling you that you’ve just won first prize.


      Especially when that first prize is an all expenses paid holiday of a lifetime like Simply Prizes member, Mrs Ridler. She bagged an all expenses paid trip to the Caribbean island of Martinique… following the trail of James Bond star Pierce Brosnan in the hit film The Thomas Crown Affair.

      Staying where the film stars stayed…and visiting all the exotic locations.When she found herself lounging in the best hotel on the island sipping ice cold cocktails or watching open mouthed as dolphins darted around the coral reef, she couldn’t quite believe that this millionaires paradise was hers – for FREE! As she explained…

“It was a magical experience from the start to finish…and all for
the price of a postage stamp! It’s almost unbelievable.”

      And I agree, it is almost unbelievable. Because there’s a HUGE amount of scepticism surrounding the whole competition thing. Not surprising really.There’s a lot of nonsense out there. Publishers who aren’t so interested in bringing you all the latest and best competitions available, but transfixed solely on lining their own pockets with your hard-earned money.

      Perhaps you’ve even bought one or more ‘competition’ type products in the past and were deeply disappointed. Me too! Flimsy, thin and bland-looking publications filled with puffed-up descriptions of dull offers used to pad out the pages in order to justify its cover price. Lowquality prizes. Low quantity of prizes, too.That’s why I’m glad to report that Simply Prizes avoids these problems.

      Because we do our research very, very carefully.This isn’t something we throw together over a short weekend. On the contrary, we have one of the most extensive network of contacts available.

      It’s like having 200 friends in high places who keep giving you the inside line on all the best, little-known competitions available.To be precise, you’re hiring a large staff of interviewers and dedicated researchers who spend their days digging behind the scenes, reading obscure magazines… searching hundreds of little-known websites… and scouring all the popular magazines looking for all the latest, best and not-so-well-known competitions every month.

      We even have competition promoters themselves coming to us with all their unpublicised, newest offerings. Not just any old companies, but household-name manufacturers and corporations whose names you’d recognise in a heartbeat.

      What’s more, entering prize draws requires no thought…no skill…no effort because we do the hard work and heavy lifting for you.There’re no tie-breakers to contend with. No wrangling with tricky questions because the answers are provided for you.

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      That means there’s no fluff. Just real resources our members have used, and continue to use, with great success to win everything from toasters to TVs. Kitchens to cars. Holidays to household luxuries. Jewellery to gym equipment.

      And more. For example in the last 12 months these are just a few of the letters we’ve received;

The past year has been exceptional for me. I have won a weekend break at the Evian Royal Resort… a holiday in Wales… a cottage break flights to Antigua. This was one of the best holidays I have ever had and one that I would never have been able to afford normally. I then won flights to Belfast and a few weeks later, my biggest prize ever from a competition sponsors the Guardian… an all-inclusive holiday to St Lucia! ”
Sue, Euxton
“I love this hobby I will always be a comper now, the excitement of never knowing what might arrive in the post, or phone call to say you a winner is wonderful. I look forward to my Simply Prizes magazine – it is packed with wonderful life changing prizes”
Liza, Oxfordshire
“Every day when the postman calls it is really exciting to think that maybe I will have a winning letter. I love comping – I wouldn’t give it up for anything!”
Linda, Cheshire
“For just 30 seconds of my time I won a holiday worth £4,500 to Mauritius”.
Sue, Shropshire
“I used to spend £1.00 on a lottery ticket every week, and never won a thing. Since I started comping I have won loads of prizes… tickets to shows, a DAB radio… a studio makeover and recently, an all-expenses paid holiday in Italy – and the comps only cost me 24p to enter. You can’t beat the buzz of comping.”
Holly, Surrey
“Thanks to comping I can shower my family and friends with wonderful gifts that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford”
Sarah-Jayne Windridge-France, Leeds
“I won a trip to California, with flights to LA… a limousine transfer to my accommodation in Hollywood. I felt so special I had to pinch myself to prove it wasn’t a dream. The whole experience has given me a thirst for life.”
Angela, Lincolnshire
“I won a week’s holiday in a luxury resort in Spain. You can’t beat a bit of the old fivestar treatment! We had a free round of golf every day, spa treatments and two hours of tennis. I didn’t know whether to believe it when I first found out I’d won. But it just goes to show that genuine, normal people like me can win”
Gillian, London

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      That’s just a small sample of the heartfelt letters of appreciation that have poured into our office from Simply Prizes members.Are these people any different than you? Do they have a special god-given talent for winning competitions?

      I don’t think so. They just decided to put aside their natural scepticism towards prize draws and give it a go.What did they have to lose? A few postage stamps at most?

      Like our other members, they weighed up the pro’s and cons and concluded that they had so much more to gain than they’d ever have to lose.

      And I’ll tell you exactly what I told them. Just take to heart and diligently apply our 3 Golden Rules For Success, and you can turn what’s normally thought of as a game of chance, into an almost predictable, eminently repeatable process.

1 — You’ve got to be in it to win it, correct?
      Stands to reason this one and it’s such a cliché.Yet in research studies conducted – both here at our membership headquarters and via many of our contact companies we have discovered – in case after case – that this is THE #1 reason for failure at competitions. Astonishingly, just 2% of projected entries are received for any given competition.That means, for example, that a magazine with a 10,000 circulation rate receives just 200 responses to it’s competition!

      Two hundred out of 10,000! I find it truly amazing when I hear the old “you’ll never win anything at competitions” mindset rear its ugly head.Think about it, is it any wonder that most people fail to win anything when fully 98% of people don’t even bother to get an entry in? That means if you take the 3 minutes to fill out the form and drop it in the mail, you’ve instantly placed your entry into the top 2% out there!

      So the message is clear; enter as many prize draws as you can, as often as you can.We’ll provide you with no less than 5,000 individual prizes every month, all you have to do is get your entries in, fair enough? Good!

2 — Make your entry stand out in the crowd
      Again, this is essential if you really want to go from the ranks of merely successful, to the ranks of the super successful.Think of an employer placing a help wanted ad for lets say, a creative role within their company.The ad runs and the CVs begin pouring in. Upon looking through them, she spots not a CV but a very creatively done application. It’s exactly the kind of creativity that she’s been looking for.What happens? No matter how many other applications she has on her desk, that one – because of the creativity that person demonstrated – is immediately moved to the head of the queue.

      And so it is with prize draws. Specific companies are looking for specific styles of presentation. If you hit the judges “sweet spot” with your entry, you’re almost certain to be among those winning entries. And just as we provide you with all the answers and details to every prize draw, we’ll also report back to you with advice and cunning little tricks of how to organise your entry for maximum impact and success.

3 — Find the best, little-known prize draws.
      This brings it all together. Obviously, the lesser known the prize draw…the better your odds are of winning. Couple that with rule #1 and a dash of persistence, add in entries that the competition judges are favourably predisposed to select and you’ve got a recipe for success.

You've got to be in it to win it - Click here to try Simply Prizes today

      This rule #3 is something our research team has a knack of coming up with.Think about it, not everyone interested in comping could possibly thumb through over 100 separate magazines and dozens and dozens of web sites, no matter how motivated they are.

      For a start, it would cost between £75 — £150 or more to buy the magazines and other publications.Then it would take hour after hour of searching and clipping out the featured competitions. And most comps require you to at least answer one or more questions.

      That’s a hell of a task in itself.

      Then there’s the web sites. Even if you knew all those web addresses, how long would it take to search for and pick out those that interest you most? And what about our association with actual competition promoters.That’s an ace card we’re very, very proud of. Often, Simply Prizes readers are alerted to great new offerings before the magazines and newspapers hit the shelves! How’s that for an advantage.

      So by following rule #1… you’ll have your entry already in before 99% of all other entrants even see the listing.Add rule #2 and give your entry a towering advantage over all the others…and tie it all together by “hiring” our team of researchers and you’ll not only save time, but money you may have had to shell out in search of these little-known competitions.Thinking about it, if you diligently follow these rules… AND…use our experts advice, it will actually be harder to NOT win at prize draws!

      But please, don’t misunderstand me here. I’m not saying that you’re going to win a fabulous holiday to Martinique like Mrs Ridler, a brand new £11,000 fitted kitchen like our friend Christine… or any one of the other big prizes available first time out. Chances are good that you won’t.Why?

      Because all of this takes time.You need to build up a bank of entries. Get your name filtering through as many channels as possible.That means it will take between two and three months before you start seeing the prizes come in.

      No other honest and credible person would tell you otherwise. And if you’re as smart as I think you are, you’d have a hard time believing such a statement, right?

      Of course you would!

      We’re an internationally recognised company with affiliate offices around the world. Our reputation is second to none.And we protect that 30-year reputation like a lioness protects her cubs.We wouldn’t sully our good name in order to market shoddy or unworkable products.

      No. We created this member-only service to make an honest difference in peoples lives.That’s why we’re only too happy to send you a whole three month’s membership to Simply Prizes – for only 97p per month. That way you can prove it, or disprove it for less than £1 a month.

      And that’s not all. Because as I mentioned at the beginning of this report, I’d also like to send you these additional free gifts.

      FREE BONUS GIFT #1 – 20 of our most decorated, eye-catching prize draw postcards. Simply pick the top 20 items you’d like most from your free copy of Simply Prizes and get them in the post. We created these especially based on our deep well of insider knowledge of what actual competition judges look for — presentation wise.This is where our research department comes in especially handy. Often they know in advance what each specific judging panel is looking for in order to hand out each prize.

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      That’s one of the other outstanding benefits of our publication: Inside knowledge of what works, what doesn’t…and what’s just plain boring. Did you also know that sending your entry at one specific time of the week delivers more wins than at other times?

      It’s true! And we take the knowledge our insiders know…and report back to you in concise details that gives you an all-important leg-up over any of the other entrants.

      FREE BONUS GIFT #2: Is something you simply won’t find anywhere else.You see, as our network of researchers and advisors combed the market, they noticed a surprising amount of excellent competitions featuring some brilliant prizes that were going begging.These were prize draws that we simply could not include in our monthly bulletin.Why? In 90% of the cases, these prizes had annoyingly short closing dates. Often within days or hours of their announcement. That means by the time you get to hear about them, they’re already out of date!

      So in our quest to bring our members the most valuable of all competition type products, we had our web marketing team create a whole new concept for winning these prizes. It’s a whole new prize-winning product within a prize-winning product. It’s called The JC Express. Every Tuesday morning you’ll be sent one of these last-gasp prize-winning alerts to your email inbox.

Worth it’s weight in gold.

      To say Simply Prizes is worth it’s weight in gold is no exaggeration.We don’t believe in, or print, a single word of promotional hype. But think about it: Having such a resource in your home (one that you can dig into time and time again) is like sticking your hands into a mountain stream filled with gold nuggets and catching what you can.

      And every month it just gets better and better. You'll find special prize draws reserved strictly for Simply Prizes members.There’s cash prizes and more. Including the £250 cash prize we’re giving away to a lucky Simply Prizes member every month

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      We’ll immediately sign you up for your 52 issues of the The JC Express. Each e-mail filled with prizes that must be won right away – or within days.

But why wait?
JC Express
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Signing up to The JC Express takes minutes and within days you will be sent a snap-shot of the hottest new competitions out there. The JC Express is free to join and could win you some fantastic prizes, like a trip to Brazil, a brand-new Volkswagen Beetle or how about winning a Wild West Ranch Holiday?

So don’t miss out - get your free copy of the UK’s hottest competition newsletter right now: www.jcexpress.co.uk/spz.html

There is nothing to lose.The The JC Express is free to join and if you decide The The JC Express is not for you, you can unsubscribe at anytime.We will never pass on your e-mail address to any third parties.

      Along with your welcome pack, you’ll find your new, free issue of Simply Prizes and your 20 free postcards.

      When you receive your free issue dig into it immediately. Dog ear the pages and mark up the prizes you’d most like. Crack open your selection of carefully designed postcards and get things rolling. Get into our web offerings, too. Just point, click, follow our recommendations and presto, you’re done.

      But please — try not to get too overwhelmed by the sheer number and selection of gifts you find inside.

      My advice? Pick out those items that interest you most.That way, when you do win…you’re sure of something that can only benefit you greatly.

      Furthermore, picking out those items you’d normally shell out for gives you something maybe more beneficial than the prize itself: MONEY!

      Hundreds, maybe even thousands of pounds in saved money on items you would ordinarily have to pay for.To illustrate my point, how many times a year would you have to, or choose to spend your money on any one of the following:

      TV – any half decent one these days will almost certainly set you back anywhere from £400 - £1,500 for a top of the line model…

      Holiday — £300 + for a last minute deal/steal. Otherwise, you’re looking at figures in the region of £499 per person for European destinations…all the way up to £1,500 or more for US and Caribbean holidays…

      Fridge, freezer, microwave oven, washing machine, home furnishings.You’re talking at least £50 for a microwave alone. If you had to replace your fridge or freezer or both, there’s at least £500 at a conservative estimate, right?

      Or how about some of the things you just like, not need to buy; I.e., cameras, video cameras, DVD players, DVD’s, toys for children or the grandchildren, jewellery, clothes even food and drink…or anything you can think of – totalled up over the course of a year, that works out to a pretty tidy sum, doesn’t it?

      Absolutely! Now imagine you could just claw back, lets say, £800 in holiday costs plus save another £400 - £800 on spending money.There’s an extra £1,200 - £1,600 right there.

      And that’s chicken feed to what you really could keep back with Simply Prizes.We’re fully confident (see below for our unique guarantee) you could win dozens of prizes over the course of the year.

      That’s not hype.This has been proven time and time again by our members.You only have to read the comments from some of our members above to see what I’m talking about.

      But what if you win 10 prizes this year.Which, by the way, is quite do-able. And lets just say for arguments sake, that each prize is worth £150. So now we’ve got the £1,200 - £1,600 from the above example. Add that to the £1,500 in this example and there’s an extra £2,700 - £3,100 you can use to spend on other things most important in your life!

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What could you do with that extra “found” money?

      You could use it to…

      Pay off your credit card bills or other pressing financial matters…
      Re-decorate your home from top to bottom…
      Take the dream holiday you’ve always promised yourself…
      Start a hobby you’ve always wanted to pursue, but never had the funds to do so…


      Just enjoy the added security of having this extra money sitting in your bank account should anything arise.You work hard for your salary like the rest of us. So isn’t it about time you made that salary work hard for you for a change?

      Of course it is. And that’s what we’re offering you here – for FREE.Why are we only too happy to send you these gifts, and send them free?

      Because I’ve found that whenever people sample Simply Prizes magazine, they become absolutely hooked. So much so, that many of them continue membership for years and years. So I figured the more people I can entice to try Simply Prizes, the more I’ll win over as members. And think about it; makers of soaps, cereals and shampoos do this all the time. So why not a magazine? That’s another reason why I’d like to place this material in your hands.

      Furthermore, if you’re like most smart people we know, we cannot and indeed, would not expect you to take our word for it in advance.You’re way too smart for that.Therefore, we ask you to prove it, or disprove it, entirely at our risk and expense.

Here’s all you do:

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      Once we receive your permission, your welcome pack will be sent out to you immediately by first-class priority mail.When your package arrives, examine it closely. Glide your fingers down the 24 oversize, full colour pages.Take a look at the sheer abundance of fresh opportunities available. You will then receive the next three issues of Simply Prizes for only 97p per month.

      And don't forget, all members of Simply Prizes will be in with a chance of winning the £250 cash we’re giving away every month. You’ve got a great chance of winning. Why?

      Because membership into the Simply Prizes club is strictly limited. Every year we allocate just a small number of spots to be filled. This means you’re chances of winning are significantly higher than those other mass-marketed prize-winning publications. It’s terribly important that we keep membership to a tight rein to not only increase your likelihood of success, but because you get…

Full back up and support from our entire team.

      That’s right, support staff and the entire editorial team are constantly on hand to offer friendly, helpful advice and accurate answers based on their years of experience.Ask them questions. Make suggestions.You’ll get a special telephone number you can call between 8:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

      E-mail access to the editors and the rest of the team, as you’d expect, is available too. Again, you get a secret e-mail address that lets our team know you’re online and looking for answers.We always have a large team of advisors on hand. Which means you’re never left out in the cold when you need fast answers.

      You won’t end up in some 20-minute phone jam or be diverted to one of those annoying answering machines.We treat our members the way we wish others treated us – with gracious respect, fast answers and friendly advice. If you have a problem we want to know about it. If you’re like most people, fast…courteous…and accurate advice is a breath of fresh air these days.You don’t have time to “hold the line” for 15 minutes waiting for answers.That’s another reason why only a small number of people are accepted for membership each year.

      If you’ve got questions that need “live” help to get resolved, we want to be there to help.The last thing we want to do is spread ourselves too thin by opening up membership to everyone who applies.

      So once the roster for this year is full, that’s it.The doors are closed and no one else gets in.That’s why I’m urging you to CLICK HERE for your 97p TRIAL today, while it’s fresh in your mind.

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      Remember, the whole point of this 97p trial is that you get to check out every inch of our service for virtually nothing for three whole months. If you don’t agree that Simply Prizes could help you live a life several notches above your current one, that’s fine.

      Either give us a ring to let us know you’d like to cancel or just write "cancel" on your welcome letter and pop it in the post to us.

      But my strong hunch is that you won’t do that. I’m betting that once you see first-hand the variety, quality and quantity of gifts available, you’ll be only too happy to push on with full membership into the Simply Prizes team.

      That being the case, we’ll be delighted to oblige you and offer you our preferred membership rate of just £4.97 per month for as long as you wish to continue. Little more than £1 per week... and what can you get for that these days?... for the chance to win anything from kitchens to cars. Cash to Caribbean holidays.And anything else you could think of.

      And that’s not all. Because we believe the next part of our offer beats ANYTHING you will see elsewhere - and proves to you how confident we are in being able to deliver what we promise:

12-Month No Risk, Unconditional Guarantee
ALL your money back if you don’t start winning prizes!

      That’s right, we would also like to offer you a 12 month guarantee that basically allows you to extend your trial to a full 12 months completely AT NO RISK TO YOURSELF.

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      Enjoy your membership for up to a full 12 months, win as many prizes as possible…and if for some reason (or no reason at all) you are not 100% delighted with your membership, simply let us know. We’ll promptly… and without questions or hassles…issue a complete refund of all your membership payments paid so far. Even if you’ve won a hundred prizes and cancel on the last day of your 12 months. Keep all 12 issues too as our way of saying “thanks” for giving Simply Prizes a try. All we ask is that you enter into this relationship in good faith, just as we are doing.

   Simply Prizes Welcome Pack   So there you have it. Just 97p to pay and nothing to lose by sending for your trial membership of Simply Prizes. If you can’t clearly see the benefits of becoming a member, then simply write cancel on your welcome letter, mail it back to us, and we’ll cancel your membership immediately. All issues and 2 free gifts plus any prizes you win are, naturally, yours to keep regardless.

      So don’t delay another moment longer. Lay claim to the cost-free life that awaits you TODAY, while it’s fresh in your mind. Click here for your 97p THREE-MONTH TRIAL right away. To delay may mean missing out on the £1 million worth of gifts allocated for this month.

      Sincerely yours,

Jo Harden
    Kelly Dudley, Editor, Simply Prizes

      PS. On the previous pages you’ve seen the evidence. Our members have proved this beyond any doubt. It really IS possible for you to live a life of style, luxury and comfort…if you choose. All that remains is for you to make that choice. Good life? Or a life of unlimited style, comfort, luxury and excitement?

      As you’ve seen, there’s no hard work involved.Your only financial outlay is a few second-class stamps every week.And if it’s not everything I’ve said and more, you get your membership fee back without questions or hassles, for a full 12 months – even if you’ve won a hundred prizes and cancel on your last day of membership! I couldn’t possibly be any fairer.

      PPS. One more thing – it IS important. As I mentioned earlier on in this report, membership is strictly limited. I, the editors and the rest of the team are dedicated to giving unrivalled service and support to our members. In order to do that effectively, it’s very necessary to impose this restriction.

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