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Only ONE man picked Aurora's Encore to win the Grand National!

Just ONE!

Not one single newspaper... TV pundit... industry figure... or member of the racing press fancied it.

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"...Auroras Encore at 80/1... sheer genius..."

'Hi Nick, Auroras Encore backed at 80/1, sheer genius, my biggest price winner ever. Thank you just doesn't seem enough, well done.'

Richard, member

"...£5 each way at 100/1... a very healthy £636 profit..."

'I can't thank you enough Nick! After reading your email I staked £5 e/w on Auroras Encore to win at 100/1 and received back a very healthy £635 profit. Keep up the good work.'

Calum, member

"...£1300 pounds... sat in the pub surrounded by amazed friends..."

'I sat in the pub surrounded by amazed friends who wanted to know where I got the tip for Auroras Encore. I [am] some £1300 pounds richer with my £10 EW. This is the work of genius!'

Alex, member

"...Over £3600 you legend!..."

'I had 66/1 at £10 e/, then it shot to 80/1 so I stuck another £10 e/w on. At Aintree I backed it on the course, then5 mins before the race the price changed to 100/1 so I had another £10 e/w in total returning over £3600 you legend!'

Daniel, member

"...Channel 4 couldn't find anyone who fancied the winner – they should've asked you Nick!..."

'Thanks so much for Auroras Encore! Only had a couple of quid on at 80/1 (so did ok, thank you very much) but the pleasure of having the Grand National winner is immeasurable. Channel 4 couldn't find anyone who fancied – or backed – the winner. They should've asked you, Nick!'

Paul, member

Dear reader,

When I say I picked Aurora's Encore to win the Grand National, that's not strictly true...

It was my Race Profile that highlighted Aurora's Encore. I just did the ground-work.

Because – despite what the many comments from delighted members say – I am not a genius... or a maestro... or a legend. I'm not even a tipster.

What I do is simply spotlight characteristics that are IDENTICAL in ALL winners and likely winners of a particular race.

From this a pre-race blueprint emerges. Showing punters EXACTLY what the winning horse will look like – before they go to post.

I call the process Race Profiling.

Because before you stake a penny of your hard-earned cash on ANY race, you need to know EXACTLY what you are looking for.

You need a clear picture of EXACTLY what a competitive horse will look like... PRECISELY what the winning horse will look like... and UNMISTAKENLY what the 'no-hopers' will look like.

And that's where I come in. This is THAT service.

Put my Race Profiles to the test for 30 races this Spring...

Help yourself to a unique betting blueprint for AT LEAST 100 big races this year!

My name is Nick Pullen. For those that don't know me or my work, I cut my professional teeth working for one of the country's best-known bookmaking firms. But was never totally comfortable working for the 'enemy' – I was always a punter at heart.

I stuck it as long as I could – absorbing the bookies' secrets, observing his methods, learning his tricks. But then I crossed over to the 'other side' – became a sort of gamekeeper, turned poacher! And now I devote my time and energy sharing my unique insight with a small circle of like-minded bettors.

And if my many years working at the sharp-end of this business – on both sides of the fence – has taught me ONE THING, it is this...

...When it comes to picking winners, it pays to look BACK – to the historical record!

Winners of big races have reached the same rigorous standards... have passed necessary yardsticks... have overcome specific racecourse challenges... meet strict performance criteria... show a precise mix of qualities... tick particular boxes...

Making the profile of a winning horse EASY to identify. IF you know what you're looking for...

Year after year, the big races – over jumps, on the flat or all-weather - are won by horses with identical characteristics. They have unmistakable common denominators... they match exact performance data... and possess strikingly similar race records.

In short, they all have the same Race Profile.

If you can identify these key racing credentials and gather them all together, you have a document that gives you a razor sharp selection tool and a MASSIVE betting edge in the big race markets.

In other words, you have a perfect betting blueprint – a pre-race outline of EXACTLY what the winning horse will look like. Before they go to post!

Just like my members on the morning of the Grand National - you have in your possession a Winning Race Profile...

Find yourself a 100/1 winner with my Winning Race Profiles...

Imagine how much EASIER picking winners would be - if you knew EXACTLY what you were looking for... BEFORE the race started!

I call the process Race Profiling. A unique system for highlighting characteristics that are IDENTICAL in ALL winners and likely winners of particular races.

" of The Hennessey, Beecher, Gold Cup, King George VI and the Welsh National..."

'Dear Nick, Congratulations. My membership started from the Hennessey. Your angles have provided me with the winners of The Hennessey, Beecher, Gold Cup, King George VI and now the Welsh National. Keep up the good work.'

Robert D, member

"...4 of the first 5 is pretty impressive stuff from the profile..."

'Well done, Nick, 4 of the 1st 5 is pretty impressive stuff from the profile. I'm expecting Long Run to come out of your King George analysis so am already on!!!'

Vince Murphy, member

"...Backing a horse at 80/1 is a stroke of genius..."

'Backing a horse at 80/1 is a stroke of genius, I backed Auroras Encore £2.50 e/w and got a return of £ sorry for those that backed Seabass...once again, you're a genius and more power to your service.'

R.M, member

By measuring the key stats of every winner... every 'placed' horse... AND all 'competitive' runners (that is, horses that ran well enough to threaten the final places) going back 10... 15... sometimes 20 years. A clear picture of what you are looking for emerges.

My Race Profiles give you an INSTANT short-list of EVERY race – drawing a line through the horses that CAN'T win... highlighting those that will be competitive... and spot-lighting those that will contest the final places.

No opinions... no hunches... no tips or 'trackside whispers'... Just undisputable facts.

The result is a freakishly accurate Winning Race Profile based purely on PROVEN statistical records... No opinions... no hunches... no second-hand thinking...

And not a tipster or a pundit in sight!

I am NOT a tipster...

If I was a tipster, I'd be charging £50... £60... perhaps £100 a month to send you a Text Message with the name of a horse (probably at odds-on) on the morning of a race. Job done. Nice work if you can get it.

And after three... six... 12 months on the service, you'd have a big hole in your pocket – and wouldn't know one single thing more about racing than the day you joined!

But that's not my style.

"...What I like best is that you're NOT a tipster..."

Hi nick. A 16/1 winner that opened up at 25s thank you very much Mr Pullen thats just paid for Christmas ... What i like best about you is that you're not a tipster its proven facts ... people should take you very seriously your attention to detail is fantastic. Many regards"

D. Samways, member

" eye opener... paid for my service for a year!..."

'hi Nick, received your winning profiles – certainly an eye opener with regards to detail. Having read your e-mail i got stuck into Quito de la Roque at Down Royal. It paid for my profiles service for a year! Many thanks and keep up the good work'.

David Whitehead, member

"...Fantastic...A wonderful service..."

'Re – Auroras Encore, fantastic. My best bet ever over very many years. A wonderful service I shall never withdraw my membership. Thank you.'

Christopher, member

Your AT-A-GLANCE guide to short-listing 'live' chances

EVERY Winning Profile will allow you to INSTANTLY...

But talk is cheap. I believe in 'Show, don't Tell'.

I provide the same depth of service for AT LEAST 100 races per year, but let's take the Grand National for example...

On the Friday before the National I emailed my members (AND updated their password-protected website) with the following information...

"Betting Brief, Friday April 5th

On His Own, Seabass and Cappa Bleu are good matches on the Winning Profile stats – but for me odds of 7s, 9s and 10/1 are too short and make no appeal.

In a field of 40 you're always going to find quite a few well-qualified candidates. Sunnyhillboy will appeal to many punters. But he's 10lb higher in the weights this time round and that's a big negative – as is A P McCoy's decision to ride Colbert Station.

I like Teaforthree but his last time out effort – beaten 43 lengths – is a concern. And Rare Bob ticks a lot of boxes. Previous winner Ballabriggs looked good in his final prep but history is against him – only Red Rum has regained his Grand National crown.

My picks...

BALTHAZAR KING – my number one pick for the race. He comes here fresh having been prepared specifically for the contest. He's done very well over Cheltenham's Cross Country course and if he takes the Grand National fences then he can go well. The ground has come right for him. He's available at 20s. I'll be backing him each-way.

My big-price dark horse pick would be Sue Smith's AURORAS ENCORE – available at 80s. He was 2nd in a Scottish National just a year or so ago off a higher mark. The better ground will suit and he will stay. If he takes the fences he can go well and I'll be backing him each-way..."

Aurora's Encore won (@ 80/1) as we all know. But the other horses highlighted by my Profile also showed exceptionally well – Cappa Bleu was 2nd, Teaforthree 3rd, Rare Bob 5th with Seabass and Balthazar King making the running until late in the race. On His Own fell.

Of those fancies the Profile warned against, Sunnyhillboy unseated his rider and Ballabriggs pulled up – and were never competitive.

But it is too easy to wallow in one successful example – tipsters do it all the time – and the truth is, anyone can pick a winner once in a while.

Talk is cheap. I believe in 'Show, don't tell'.

That's why I'd like YOU to...

Road-test my Winning Race Profiles service for the next THREE MONTHS – covered by a full money back guarantee!

"...most useful individual I have had the luck to encounter..."

'Nick you are without doubt the most single most useful individual I have had the luck to encounter in all my years following racing. Thanks from a grateful punter.'

Sean, member

" only a week it's paid for itself..."

'Hi Nick, i am very sceptical of anything i hear or see. i signed up to your service and in only a week its paid for itself. If your stats throw up my fancys i play - and if your stats show no trends i leave race alone. The time saved on endless studying has cheered up my girlfriend too! Keep up good work and well done.'

Nigel Harris, member

"...It beats working... cleared £425..."

'Thanks Nick. Got odds of 130.0 on Betfair on Friday evening. Only had 3 quid e/w but still cleared £425... beats working! Keep 'em flowing. Telling all my friends!'

D.M, member

Let's go head to head – my Race Profiles v Your Tipster

You can try out my service alongside your usual selection methods, if you like... put me head-to-head versus the daily newspapers... the Racing Post… Channel 4 Racing... or a tipping service.

Or, see how you get on with both of us in your corner. See how much money you make from the tipsters, compared to my Winning Profiles. See which service TEACHES you more about picking winners. See which you ENJOY using more.

And do it RISK FREE. At ANY time during the first year of the service you decide you don't want to continue... you find you aren't making the profits you want to... you have a change of circumstances... or you just change your mind.

Just cancel and you will get EVERY penny back. No questions asked.

Put Winning Race Profiles to the test for three months RISK FREE...

Your essential Betting Blueprint to 30 races this Spring and AT LEAST 100 big races over the next year

I'm offering you a personal guide to at least 100 big races over the next year. Covering all the races and meetings you want to bet on, including the Guineas... Royal Ascot... Glorious Goodwood... the St Ledger... the Hennessy... the King George... Cheltenham... Aintree - and everything in between!

"...thanks maestro...delighted when my conclusions matched yours..."

Thanks maestro. When I received the Supreme Novices Profile I went through the card and selected Champagne Fever. I was delighted when I found my conclusions matched yours and backed it at 16/1*' *Champagne Fever won at 12/1 SP

Robert, member

"...10/1 winner...You've changed my approach to betting forever..."

'Dear Nick, You've changed my approach to betting forever. After you report I picked a 10/1 winner solely by the insight in that article. It was a fantastic feeling and, for that, I thank you.'

Mark H, member

For every race you'll be equipped with a unique statistical Profile that will split the field into competitive horses and no-hopers.

Of course, you might NOT be looking for the name of the winning horse... You might be looking to pinch a bit of Each-Way value from runners who fit the Winning Profile but are over-looked by the market... Or to identify the short-price favourites that DON'T possess race-winning credentials – and can be layed on the exchanges.

It is completely up to you.

Get my personal Pre-race Betting Brief the day before every race!

But if - like me – you like to oppose the market and seek out big-prices. Then I'll be guiding you to the best value outsiders and will tell you where my money will be going – and why!

"...Thanks for Monbeg Dude at 14/1..."

'Dear Nick, Thanks for Monbeg Dude at 14/1. Also landed a straight forecast at 36/1. Not a bad day.'

Dr. Paul F. Tyler, member

"...Dorback and Ace of Spies gave me £130..."

'Hi Nick, Just to say thanks for your advice so far. Dorback and Ace of Spies gave me £130 in a 50p Lucky 31. Thanks again.'

Mickey Mallon, member

"...Excellent Cheltenham week – nice treble at 4/1..."

'Hi Nick, at Cheltenham I was about 25 points in profit so an excellent week... with a nice treble [on] Quevega, Simonsig and Sprinter Sacre 4/1 antepost.'

Wayne, member

I will be naming names before EVERY race!

These are not tips – you will never be bullied into taking a price you don't want to. And should maintain control of your betting at all times.

Bet the way YOU want to bet...

Everybody bets differently – and that's exactly how it should be. Personally, I like value prices. My money will almost always be with the under-valued horse available at a big price. I don't follow the market, I don't chase strike-rates – I leave that to the tipsters.

Plot your Racing Profits with PROVEN data, not Tipster 'guess-work'

You never know what you are getting from a tipster - until the tip arrives. So, you will end up betting on what the tipster wants to bet on... when the tipster wants to bet... backing the same horse as everyone else on the service – so never get the prices quoted (if they existed in the first place).

What kind of bettor are you?

Because I'm not a tipster - and not chasing impossible strike-rates and phoney profit margins, for marketing purposes. I can focus my professional analysis on the information YOU WANT.

For EVERY race I cover, I'll give you the best value bets at the race day prices – highlighting:

So whatever kind of bettor you are - and whatever size of betting wallet you have - you can help yourself to the advice YOU WANT for the Cheltenham Festival and beyond...

" service I've ever had..."

"Dear Nick,Thank you for the constant supply of valuable information. This is the best advice service I've ever had, my grateful thanks. Yours sincerely"

A.W, member

"...A great race made even better by taking the bookies' money..."

"Hi Nick, Well done on your excellent assessment of the race ... I managed to show a good profit. I backed Bobs Worth to win at 4/1, i also followed you e/w with First Lieutenant and Hold On Hulio (bet365 paid 5 places which you advised). A great race made even better by taking the bookies' money. Well done again Nick and keep up the good work."

Ian.R, member

"...Up 279 pts over Cheltenham thanks to your Winning Profiles..."

"A good festival thanks to your Winning Profiles – 9 winners/ 9 placed from 22 races. Prices of placed horses: 7/1, 9/1, 9/1, 9/1, 9/1, 10/1, 20/1, 20/1, 33/1. Up 279 pts over the four days – thank you!"

Dr Tyler, member

Insight the rest of the betting market does not have

Successful betting is all about information and intelligence. Not opinions – any clown can give you that. Not second-hand thinking – any clown with a copy of the Racing Post and give you that...

The racing press, the daily newspapers and – of course – tipping services can trot out their best guess at whether a horse will run well in the in any given race...

But it is nothing more than hearsay... an unsupported hunch... a stab in the dark.

My Race Profiles will allow you to tackle any race with concrete facts to work from. Undisputable statistics, proven over years – sometimes decades.

Check out your first Winning Profile THIS weekend...

Again we can take the Grand National as an example...

Unique Race Profiling details you will not get ANYWHERE else...

My research is exhaustive. EVERY Race Profile I produce measures Age... form... weight... record... speed ratings... stamina ratings... official ratings... bloodstock… course preference... race exposure... going… resting period... left/right hand preference... country of breeding distance travelled...

Providing you with a short, sharp, 'bet ready' Profile before EVERY race.

Instead of writing racing biggest single event off as a 'lottery', consider this... If you KNOW you are looking for a horse that:

Within just 10 pointers - you have REAL information you can use to measure against what the market... the papers... the pundits... or the bloke in the pub are telling you is a 'good thing'. You have TRUE insight. You are not guessing... or taking somebody else's word for it... or gambling with YOUR money on the word of a self-proclaimed 'expert' or 'betting guru'.

"...Your depth of research and background knowledge is impressive..."

'Nick, The depth of your research coupled with your obvious background knowledge of the racing world is impressive, I feel a sense of security when betting on your selections. Look forward to your next instalment! Kind regards'

Richard Ogier, member

"...brilliant website... superb insight..."

'hi nick, i would just like to say thank you for providing such a brilliant website ,all i can is you really look after the man on the street, with your superb insight on horse racing, thanks nick its a great read.'

Andy, member

"... 100/1...250/1...40/1...absolutely gobsmacked ..."

'Thank Nick. I got 100/1 on our grand national winner – this follows the 250/1 forecast with the 40/1 winner last Saturday. I am absolutely gobsmacked'

K.F, member

Go to war with the bookies armed with TRUE insight and PROVEN data

You are going into battle with your eyes wide open. You know WHAT you are looking for and WHY you are looking for it. All based on rock-solid, undisputable, PROVEN race data.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, my friends...

Help yourself to my complete Winning Race Profiles for Cheltenham Festival...

Even if you take JUST the 10 Grand National points listed above, you can probably strike a line through 75% of field. That gives you a short-list that will closely resemble the final places - and that just gives you a hint of the detail included in my Race Profiling process...

These are the Race Profiling tools the bookies tried to ban!

In the industry I'm still considered a traitor. A turncoat... a grass. Why?

Because I developed these profiling techniques working FOR a major UK Bookmaker* – generating hundreds of thousands, possibly millions for them over the years.

When I quit, they spent three years trying to ban me from using them! I won't bore you with details, but the industry closed ranks and I was hamstrung with a 'cease and desist' order. Unable to write... publish... or advertise my work in the public domain.

Until Oxfordshire Press came along, I was an outcast. And even then my work was diluted for a long time – it took years of threats, counter threats and legal wrangling to be able to deliver the complete Winning Race Profiles on offer to you today.

THAT is how potent this information is...

(* Legalities restrict me from revealing which bookmaker. Just think Ray Winstone).

Let the formbook sign-post your betting – not pundits or tipsters

I will be producing Race Profiles for AT LEAST 100 races in the next year - over jumps and the flat. Including ALL the major meetings and ALL the major renewals that you WANT to bet on...

Starting with the Cheltenham Festival 2014...

You can use this analysis to spot-light potential race winners... to short-list big-price value... or to uncover over-bet fancies that are ripe for opposing on the exchanges...

How you use my analysis is completely up to you.

Sometimes the Race Profile will reduce the field to just one horse – a standout candidate that fits the profile better than the opposition. Other times it will produce a short-list of contenders – three or four runners that all possess the credentials to make the final places.

You are free to take your own conclusions... make your own observations... find your own bets at the prices that suit YOU.

"...I backed Monbeg Dude at 12s after you highlighted it..."

'Dear Nick, just a line or 2 to compliment you... I have had 3 winners from 6 bets. I usually make my decision from your shortlist – that's the beauty of the service rather than tipping. I backed Monbeg Dude at 12s when you highlighted it – there's nothing like doing it in the BIG races. Keep up the good work.'

Martin Travers, member

"...Strong work!.. using your profile I did back Dream Ahead at 4/1..."

'Nick, Strong work!! I didn't have time to do the measuring up process – using your profile though I did manage to back Dream Ahead at 4/1. Keep up the good work, I love the columns and analysis. Cheers'

Vince Murphy, member

"...a 66/1 for the first time ever – superb work..."

'Hi Nick. Well, all I can say is superb work. I got 66/1 (the first time ever). I really like the profiles – they do allow me to better understand these big races. Keep 'em coming.'

Keith, member

Allow 20-years of historical evidence to guide your betting

When considering a bet, most punters look no further than what an individual horse achieved last time out. With my Race Profiles your bets will be guided by how EVERY competitive horse performed over the last 15, or even 20 years!

Sifting through a large field, horse by horse – searching for reasons why one might win is needle in a hay-stack stuff...

My straightforward, easy-to-read briefings will give you a clearly defined profile of what the winning horse will look like, so you will be able to go through the race card in minutes.

I'll put MY money where my mouth is...

Or, if you don't have the inclination or the time – I'll happily share my views. Before EVERY race, I'll give you my take on the runners that best measure up to the race demands... where the betting value is... and where my money is going.

But I am NOT giving 'tips' – this information is shared as a courtesy, among fellow punters with a shared interest. I bet my own way – seeking out big prices on under-valued horses (as far as I'm concerned, short-prices are for opposing). And I find my share of losers betting like this.

Yes, there'll be winners – just check out the winning stories throughout this letter. But if you are hoping to find a perfect formula that hits every time - A + B + C + D = 25/1 winner! Then, I'm sorry to disappoint you. But they don't exist – despite what some tipsters promise you!

There is no magic formula... there are no quick-fixes...there are no short-cuts. And hard work will ALWAYS out-perform guess work...

"...You're not a tipster – you provide good insight to races..."

'Hi Nick, you provide good insight to races. In the Gold Cup 'Silviniaco Conti' fell when a handy 3rd and you did point out it hadn't jumped at the track before! So keep up the good work... Appreciated!'

Matt, member – March 2013

" have helped me make over £700 last Friday and £450 today..."

'Hi Nick, I just wanted to thank you for your excellent information, you have helped me make over £700 last Friday and about £450 today. So I am of course both delighted and very grateful. Best wishes.'

D. Clark, member – Nov 2012


How to spot a conman...

The Internet is full of bogus tipsters happy to sell you magic formulas... invite you into their elite network... or share their insider knowledge...

They do NOT exist. No systems work perfectly, no-one gets it right all the time - and as for 'trackside whispers', all the jockeys I know are the worst tipsters! These are fairy-tales made up by conmen looking to do one-thing - separate you from your money.

Look out for these warning signs:

  • PO Box numbers - if they haven't got an address, steer clear
  • No contact details - A website is no guarantee. If you can't reach them, avoid them...
  • No Direct Debit facility - anyone can set up a Paypal account, Banks only issue DD license to respectable companies, with years of trading and impeccable reputation...
  • No results or proofing - if they can't prove their strike-rate, ask yourself why...
  • No trial period, no money-back guarantee – if you can't try, don't buy...

I believe in 'Show, don't Tell'...

That's why I'd like you to road-test my Winning Race Profiles service for three months – covered by a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

"...Joining was one of the best betting decisions I have made..."

'Well done Nick, another good weekend, I went for both the Nicholls horses, so came up good with both! Got 12/1. Joining was one of the best (if not best) betting decisions I have made, thanks to you my bet bank is now coming along very nicely. Thanks.'

Steve Banks, member

"...That pays for next year's subs!!..."

'Well done—great tip on Weird Al. That pays for next year's subs!!'

Paul Sayer, member

"...139/1...amazing week..."

'Hi Nick. Thanks for the nod on Auroras Encore, I managed to get on at 139/1. I didn't have him on my shortlist but your note persuaded me. That followed my Irish Grand National winner. Thanks again!'

Jason, member

What you WON'T get is...

And a monthly bill that will make your eyes water!

What you WILL get is...

Get INSTANT access to my password protected website right NOW!
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Don’t miss your chance to cash-in on the 2014 Spring Festivals – and take advantage of a special offer covering the biggest races of the year...

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They are ALL covered by my Winning Race Profiles service! And this is advice that you WILL NOT see anywhere else.

Join now for three months of membership covered by our Money Back Guarantee – giving you:

  • Instant access to unique Race Profiles giving you the winning blueprint for 12 big races at Cheltenham
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  • Full access to every Profile and email on the members-only website. You’ll get your password as soon as you join

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"...over £1500 up thanks to your awesome analysis..."

'O.M.G!!! What can I say? Started the Aintree festival with a 10/1 winner and finished with Auroras Encore at Betfair at odds of 140.0. So I'm over £1500 up over the festival thanks to your awesome analysis.'

David, member

"...a fantastic 20/1 winner!..."

'hi nick, great tips for the 2,000 guinneas, i actually took out my bets without frankel with 365 and had dubwi gold at 20/1 and native khan at 7/1 so a fantastic 20/1 winner! thanks !!!!!!!!!!!'

Alan, Racing Angles member

"...I had a 180-1 tricast winner..."

'Hello Nick, a BIG Thank you for your advice on the 2000 guineas. Using your advice I had a 180-1 tricast winner, so came away with £263 profit on Saturday !! more of the same please.'

Mike, Racing Angles member

Claim your exclusive FREE TRIAL today...

Try before you buy

Because I am not giving tips, there is no danger of over-subscribing – with odds being cut because everyone is trying to place the same bet at the same time. Members' bets will vary from their own picks from the Profile, to the highlighted best-priced market leaders... each-way value... and big-odds dark horses.

And in most cases, my pre-race Betting Brief will be delivered a full 24-hours before the off. And during Cheltenham, I'll be in your inbox every morning!

"...I got four winners and one place..."

'Hi Nick, I cashed in on Diamond harry and EW on Burton port. Using the techniques what you do, I got four winners and one place in last Saturday. Thank you so much Nick'

Nelum, member

"...your info on the 2000 Guineas proved very profitable..."

'Nick, Just thought you'd like to know that your info on the 2000 Guineas proved very profitable for me, thanks very much. I got on Dick Turpin and Xtension each way at nice prices, thanks to you. Nice one, Nick'

Richard Harbour, member

"...I walked out of the bookies with a nice amount..."

'Hi Nick, just wanted to say a BIG thank you once more. As soon as I read your advice I found a bookmaker offering 80/1 on Auroras Encore. I only placed small stakes but still walked out of the bookmakers with a nice amount. Keep up the excellent work!'

Mike, member

Race detail you can't get anywhere else...

With this service you will know more about what it takes to win every big race than anybody out there!

Age... birth date... weight... breeding... sex... race experience... strike rate... prize money – are all pointers to race winners. Then there are ratings – official ratings... form ratings... speed ratings... class and pace ratings – all key yardsticks.

Plus, trip... class... course... draw... going... rest periods... seasonal factors... distance travelled... yard form... trainer stats... ALL of these factors are measured and filtered against each other – adding up to a freakishly accurate Winning Race Profile.

And all based on PROVEN data.

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"...brilliant... until your advice I was one of the 'mugs'..."

'Dear Nick, Over the years I hate to think of the number of holidays I have paid for the bookies. Until I started reading your advice I was one of the 'mugs'. A very big thank you.'

D. Bray, member

" advice ever...33/1, 14/1 and 80/1..."

'That's the best advice I have ever received from anyone. First and second in the Lincoln [at] 33/1 and 14/1 and 80/1 in the National. Never had a 80/1 before and at my age (75) it would be a big surprise if it ever happened again.'

Dave, member


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"...15/8 and 12/1... covers this and next year's subscription..."

'Hi Nick Being a punter and an academic working through your profiles is profitable and enjoyable. I had Camelot 15/8 & French Fifteen 12/1 in a straight forecast in the 2000 Guineas. Thanks, it covers this and next year's subscription.'

Dr Paul F. Taylor, member

"...First winner for me... got 12/1 each way..."

'Many thanks, Nick. Monbeg Dude is the first winner for me since joining – I missed out on Menorah over Christmas. Got 12/1 each way. Keep up the good work.'

Ray Manning, member

"...superb Nick - £500 back from a small bet!..."

'Superb Nick. Got on Auroras Encore at 80/1.Over £500 back for a small bet! Good work.

Mark, member

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