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Use this unique Pain-Relief Lamp for 1 week - FREE OF CHARGE. And we guarantee it will relieve your pain…

Now you can experience relief from almost any painful condition with BIOlamp, the ‘Chinese National Treasure’ that’s safe, pain-free and easy to use.

This remarkable natural healing device is ...

  • Based on a remarkable Chinese discovery over 35 years ago

  • A unique dual-action pain-relief ceramic lamp, which includes 33 trace mineral elements similar to those in the human body.

  • Safe and easy to use, with no side effects

  • Used to treat the knees, whole foot, heels, ankle and toe joints as well as neck, back, spine, shoulders, hip,elbows and all parts of the hands including wrists and finger and thumb joints

  • Completely pain-free in its application

  • Used regularly by over 60 million people worldwide (for over 25 years) in China, Japan, Australia, Korea and North America, but only available from one company in the UK

  • A Class IIa medical device that has been officially tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland from Germany to internationally-recognised quality and safety standards and endorsed by leading doctors and alternative health practitioners.

    “BIOlamp brings arthritis and joint pain relief to 89% of users.” Results of a research study conducted on BIOlamp home users by The Oving Clinic (Musculoskeletal Physicians), West Sussex, January 2004.

  • A winner of several technical awards

  • Has helped to relieve painful symptoms including arthritic and musculoskeletal complaints, back and shoulder pain and sciatica

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Dear Friend,

If you’ve ever experienced pain of any kind, you’ll know it can make life an agonising struggle. Reduced mobility and flexibility. Fading strength. Chronic pain. Extremely painful conditions that rob you of your quality of life. Even simple things like bending over, walking up stairs, enjoying a good night’s sleep, or even getting out of bed pain-free, can all become an agonising struggle.

But now there's a way to reduce these painful symptoms, a soothing, safe and natural method used successfully by tens of millions of people worldwide for over 25 years, a method that works together with your body’s natural healing elements, all without negative side effects.

Which is why I’m writing to you today.

Contrary to all medical logic, Dr Gou’s investigation found that the side effects of standing on the damp ground were the complete opposite of what they should have been. In fact, there was not a single case of arthritis among the workers employed at the factory.

My name is Simon Shine. I’m the director of BIOlamps, a company which provides a unique pain-relief product to thousands of people across the U.K. I’m also someone who used to suffer from back pain. A lot of it.

If you’re like me, you probably know quite a lot of people who suffer from mild to serious pain at some time in their lives. Well, up until recently, I was one of those people. I’d played a lot of sport in my younger days, and all those bumps and bruises, as well as various bits of surgery, were beginning to take their toll. As a result, my back pain was getting worse and worse.

But regardless of what I did, nothing seemed to work. Painkillers, massage, hot baths, I tried them all. I was getting desperate, and said so to my acupuncturist one day during a monthly session. In hindsight, I was very glad I did.

Little did I realise, but what she told me that day was to change my life for ever ...

She told me about a special kind of pain relief lamp (only available in China) she had used to help her other patients relieve their pain.

When it came to such treatments, I thought I’d seen them all. But pain relief from a lamp? I must admit I was rather sceptical, but by that stage I was willing to try anything. That’s what it feels like when you’re really suffering. When she told me a bit more about this lamp, lots of questions were flashing through my mind: how does it work? Is it safe? Will it really help me?

I needn’t have worried.

Although I didn’t experience instant relief, the more I used this lamp, the more I noticed a positive difference. My pain had definitely reduced in both duration and intensity. What struck me most was how easy it was to use. You just switched it on, waited for the lamp to warm up, pointed it at your painful area, and let the lamp do the rest.

Once I had used it several times, I was convinced. At last, here was a pain-relief product that actually worked. I had to get one. But when I asked my acupuncturist where I could buy it, her face fell. She told me that they were only made in China, and trying to import one was very difficult.

But I was determined to have my own lamp, and after a long struggle my acupuncturist finally got me one. It hadn’t been easy though, and that made me think. Surely there must be lots of other people suffering from painful conditions similar to mine who would benefit enormously from using one of these lamps? After all, I knew first-hand just how effective they were at relieving my back pain. This was the inspiration for me to set up BIOlamps, the U.K.’s only licensed distributor of this unique product.

What is BIOlamp and how does it work? The answer lies in an unusual story which started over 35 years ago, in a remote rural province of central China…

A remarkable discovery…

It all began early in 1970, when the Chinese government decided to send an investigation team led by Dr Gou Wenbin, to a 19th-century ceramic factory in a rural area of central China. They wanted to find out what was happening to the workers at the factory.

The thing was that these factory employees worked all day long standing in mud on a soaking wet floor. Given these poor working conditions, you would have thought the workers would suffer from arthritis and other related ailments, wouldn’t you?

It was the same story when he interviewed other factory workers: no symptoms of joint or back pain of any kind were found among the factory employees past or present. His findings also noted that they lived longer than the rest of the local population.

What was causing this to happen?

  • Intrigued with this discovery, more experiments were carried out to get to the bottom of this strange phenomenon.

  • Using a spectrometer (an optical instrument for measuring properties of light over some portion of the electromagnetic spectrum), scientists made a complete analysis of the factory building.

  • Their meters picked up a strong, infrared spectrum (a plot of measured infrared intensity used to determine molecular structure) similar to that produced by the human body, in the kiln oven area.
    tennismanCloser inspection traced the spectrum to a black deposit fused to the oven's conveyor belt.
  • It was discovered that the kiln was producing a black clay deposit that was emitting the unusual spectrum, similar to that of the human body. After careful analysis, this heat- treated clay was found to contain 33 different trace elements, all biologically necessary to the human body.

The development of the first BIOlamp

Following these discoveries, the BIOlamp was invented in China by a group of scientists and physicians, headed by Dr. Gou Wenbin at the Chinese Medicine Institute in Chongqing.

By 1979, 36 universities, 45 graduate schools, 41 research institutes, 250 hospitals and three thousand doctors and researchers formed an international society in order to carry out clinical studies related to the effects of this mineral infrared therapy.

Widespread use by over 60 million people worldwide in countries including Australia, Japan, Mexico and China, confirmed that the lamp was able to alleviate inflammation, tranquilize pain and improve micro- circulation.

Following these findings, the Chinese government developed and patented the BIOlamp, now used in almost every Chinese hospital outpatient department, and provides pain relief to many millions more worldwide.

‘BIOlamp…does not impart any pain on the patient’ “BIOlamp is a form of treatment which is simple to use, easy to be accepted by patients, and does not impart any pain on the patient. It is a treatment and healthcare device that can be used both by hospitals and homes.” Dr Tong Keqing, Doctor-in-charge, Chongqing Zhongshan Hospital, Chongqing, China

‘I have found in clinical use that the BIOlamp is effective when used to treat and prevent conditions including…osteoarthritis, [and] rheumatoid arthritis…’ “In 1981, due to the nature of my job in medical research, I was also involved in the clinical research and trials conducted on the BIOlamp, and have published papers including the effective use of the BIOlamp to treat frozen shoulder , and lumbago. In addition, I have found in clinical use that the BIOlamp is effective when used to treat and prevent conditions including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.” Dr Chen Daoqing, Medical Doctor, Medical Teacher and Researcher, Chongqing City No 3 Daping Military Medical University Hospital.


Here’s how the BIOlamp works…

  1. Although it works in a unique way, BIOlamp looks just like an ordinary lamp.

  2. BIOlamp treats the source of pain via a unique infrared spectrum of electromagnetic energy and healing rays which is similar to the natural bio-spectrum waves released by the human body itself.

  3. Unlike other infrared therapeutic devices, BIOlamp uses a plate coated with a formation of 33 minerals, embedded in a formation onto a treatment plate, including Calcium and Iron, (which are also found in our bodies).

  4. BIOlamp emits a special band of electromagnetic waves in an infrared range, which simulate the natural Bio-Spectrum waves released by the human body itself.

  5. This makes it easier for the body to absorb the heat energy, thus enhancing the BIOlamp’ s therapeutic benefits.

  6. BIOlamp is easy and comfortable to use. It’s clean (no other medication required), hygienic, and convenient (you can use it whilst watching television or reading a book.) It even has a timer which automatically switches off the lamp after your chosen treatment time (so you don’t have to worry about this when you’re receiving treatment.)

  7. Although BIOlamp is primarily a medical appliance designed to be used solely for the relief of severe conditions of rheumatoid arthritis and severe osteoarthritis, clinical applications in China and other Eastern Countries have proved that BIOlamp is effective in treating other ailments such as back pain, certain sports injuries and some skin conditions such as psoriasis .

The BIOlamp is ideal for treating all types of musculoskeletal and arthritic joint conditions, and back pain in the comfort of your own home.

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BIOlamp – your questions answered…

Now that you know a little more about BIOlamp and what it does, you’ll probably have a few questions you’d like to know the answers to. So to help you answer them, here are some of the most frequently asked questions our customers sent us when they first received their BIOlamp.

‘What are BIOlamp’ s medical effects on the Human Body?’

  • BIOlamp raises the temperature in the tissue. The application of warmth alone is known to boost the micro-circulation through small blood vessels, improving the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells.

  • It results in the expansion of capillary vessels and the promotion of blood circulation, which help to remove toxins from cells
  • It increases the extensibility of collagen tissues, decreases joint stiffness, produces pain relief and relieves muscle spasms.

Which parts of the body can BIOlamps be used on?’

BIOlamp is very flexible and can be used on inflamed joints on all parts of the body. We have customers calling us all the time to tell us about the remarkable successes they are experiencing treating their hands, wrist joints, elbows, shoulders, upper back, neck, lower back, hips, knees, feet and ankles including the ball of the foot and their heel and toe joints. If you have a particular question about a particular part of you body call now to talk to one of our specially trained staff to find out if BIOlamp might help you.

‘Is BIOlamp safe to use?’

BIOlamp is entirely safe, as it works with heat and natural minerals. It is a Class IIa medical device that has been officially tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland from Germany to the following internationally-recognised quality and safety standards:

  • European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC (Certificate forQuality Assurance System Production)
  • EN ISO9001 (Quality Management System)
  • EN ISO13485 (Quality Management System for Medical Devices)
  • BSEN60601-1-2:2001 (General Requirements for Safety for Medical Electrical Equipment - Electromagnetic Compatibility)

Infrared waves, such as the ones emitted from BIOlamp, are harmless to the human body. Since BIOlamp only uses natural healing methods (although it can be used with certain other treatments), users do not experience any painful symptoms through its use.

johntanner‘…no risk of side-effects…’ "This product is applicable to a wide range of musculoskeletal and arthritic conditions. I find these results very encouraging for a new treatment relating to such difficult conditions. Any practitioner introducing a new treatment would be impressed by the outcome of this survey . The attraction of this simple and relatively inexpensive product is that it can be administered in your own home with no risk of side-effects. I feel that the BIOlamp is worthy of further investigation by serious scientific study .” Dr John Tanner MBBS, sports and musculoskeletal specialist at The Oving Clinic, West Sussex, and author of Better Back (MBBS, BSc, Dip. Musc. Med., Dip Sports Med., MRO.)

‘Is it easy to use?’

In a word, yes. You simply need to use it for at least 30 minutes per session at least once a day.

standard biolamp

Your BIOlamp will also come with full, easy to follow instructions, showing you exactly how to use it whenever you need to.

immense benefit and relief…so convenient to use.’
“Since buying the BIOlamp in December 03, both my wife and myself have found the healing properties of the lamp to be of immense benefit and relief. And it is so convenient to use at any time.” Mr Chalmers (66), Hertfordshire

‘How quickly will I relieve my pain with BIOlamp?’

This will depend on the nature of your injury or pain. A severe or chronic condition may take a little longer to treat than a recent one.

‘Who uses BIOlamps?’

  • BIOlamp is tailor-made to treat all symptoms associated with chronic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

  • It is also widely used in China to promote and maintain health. Since it was introduced into clinic and home use in the early 1980's, the BIOlamp (because of its ease and flexibility of use and absolute safety) has treated up to 60 million patients in China, Asia, Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia and recently North America.

  • The Gold Medal was awarded to BIOlamp at the 1986 Zagreb International Fair in Yugoslavia. That same year, BIOlamp also won the Silver Medal at the 35th Brussels Eureka World Fair for inventions.

‘Who makes BIOlamps?’

BIOlamps are made in China by ZhongZhi Medical Instruments Ltd, a company experienced in researching and manufacturing bio-spectrum lamps, according to the patent control issued by the Chinese government.

BIOlamp is only available from one company in the U.K. – ours.

‘Does BIOlamp actually work?’

‘Your lamp does what you claimed it would do’ “Your lamp does what you claimed it would do. We do not have many problems, despite our ages, thankfully , but we are glad that we purchased the BIOlamps.” Philip Burfoot (83) & wife (79), Suffolk

To place your FREE trial order call 0800 036 1136 quoting ref OXBOR2 now!

What the media has said about BIOlamps

‘When I got up I found that every last trace of ache had gone.’ “I got an ache in the sacral area of my lower back from sitting too long at the computer , so I aimed the lamp at my sacrum for 20 minutes. When I got up I found that every last trace of ache had gone. I am now slightly addicted to my BIOlamp.” The Barefoot Doctor, The Observer


‘BIOlamp can be used independently…’ “BIOlamp can be used independently or in conjunction with other treatments including physiotherapy and osteopathy .” Today’s Therapist July/August 2003

These comments are just a few of the many articles written about BIOlamp. I’ve also enclosed extracts of other press and media reviews of BIOlamp for you to read.

What our customers say about BIOlamps

By now, you’ve read about the research carried out by the Chinese government and numerous other agencies and health professionals, and you’ve seen what I’ve had to say.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are a few letters sent to us by some of our delighted customers, people whose painful conditions – and lives – have changed for the better by using BIOlamp. Have a read through and see what you think…

BIOlamp can help to relieve back pain

BIOlamp has been brilliant’ “BIOlamp has been brilliant. It has given me energy , made me feel warmer and helped me feel considerably better in my lower back.” Pam Batten, President of Doushikai Shotokan Karate Club, Slough

‘I have so much confidence in the BIOlamp that I will now purchase a BIOlamp for my mother.’ “I have been suffering lower back pain for some time whereby when I get out of bed in the morning it is painful to raise to the standing position. It was easier to get out of bed by laying face down and getting out of bed backwards. After six 1 hour sessions with the BIOlamp I could get out of bed frontwards a lot easier and now after two weeks use there is hardly any discomfort in my lower back what-so-ever . I have so much confidence in the BIOlamp that I will now purchase a BIOlamp for my mother , who has been suffering with arthritis in her legs for a number of years. She is 87 years of age and struggles to get to the shops now which I know the BIOlamp can greatly help. Many many thanks for an excellent product.” David Harries, Surrey.

It can also help to improve mobility for people with mild to severe joint pain and arthritis…

‘…To me it’s a life saver.’ “I use BIOlamp to treat arthritis of the shoulder , arm and wrist. In the first month I used it everyday , now once a week. At first I could not lift my left arm, now I have no problem. To me it’ s a life saver .” Mrs King (79), Derbyshire

‘I can get up in the morning easily…BIOlamp has certainly improved my quality of life…’

“I have arthritis in my neck and was given an article to read about BIOlamps. I asked my physiotherapist for her advice about them. She had never heard of them, but thought they would be similar to the Infrared Lamps. Still being unsure I went ahead and ordered one. I’m so glad I did. It has reduced the pain in my neck and I now feel more comfortable. I can get up in the morning easily when it used to be a struggle. I know it can’t cure my illness, but this BIOlamp has certainly improved my quality of life. Thank you so much. A very satisfied customer!” Brian Baker, Coventry

It can also help those suffering with sciatica…

‘…After using BIOlamp…my pain was completely gone.’ “I had sciatica and could do nothing but lie flat on my back. After using BIOlamp for three days 30 minutes every evening after a bath, my pain was completely gone.” Mr Wozencroft, Cardiff

‘It is wonderful to be able to walk and dance again.’ “This lamp has been a lifesaver to me. I was repeatedly getting a trapped nerve with referred pain in the calf of the right leg. I have not had this now since the second week in March. It is wonderful to be able to walk (& dance) again.” Mrs McNaney (73), Dudley

‘I have tried it on several people with impressive results…’ “I have tried it on several people with impressive results. The apparatus is sturdy and has a satisfying made-like-they-used to-be feel, compared with some of the more flimsy items that cross my desk” (Dr Sarah Brewer, Health Journalist of the Year 2002, author of a regular health column in The Daily Telegraph.)

BIOlamps can also be used together with other treatments, such as acupuncture, osteopathy, physiotherapy, and can increase their effectiveness.

It can ease symptoms of muscle stiffness and arthritis…

‘My patients like the warmth and the pleasantness of BIOlamp’ s heat’ “I combine BIOlamp with massage therapy . My patients like the warmth and the pleasantness of BIOlamp’ s heat. I have one patient who has found this combination treatment really helpful to such an extent that he played golf recently after suffering from chronic back pain for over 4 years due to back injuries. Now he loves BIOlamp!” Audrey Foster, Sports Massage Therapist MICHT, HFST, Tiverton, Devon Back and Sport Injuries Clinic, Devon

BIOlamp also increases feelings of wellbeing…

“Two of my clients…have reported a longer lasting feeling of warmth and wellbeing…” “I trialled the BIOlamp with the thought that it would be a useful adjunct to my treatment of acupuncture clients. Two of my clients tend to be very cold and rather than using moxibustion to the acupuncture point Ren 4, I have used the BIOlamp. Both have reported a longer lasting feeling of warmth and wellbeing and they now look forward to their regular BIOlamp treatments!! Thank you.” Ann Brownbill – Naturopath and Acupuncturist

‘All my clients…find it deeply soothing and relaxing.’ “All my clients who I’ve used BIOlamps on find it deeply soothing and relaxing, and I feel that it is helping to penetrate deeply into muscles where massage cannot reach (especially in the sacral area). I am very pleased with it in general and will continue to use it with clients regularly .” Mrs Deterding, massage therapist, Kent

‘The BIOlamp seems to improve my general sense of well-being…’ “The BIOlamp seems to improve my general sense of well-being and ability to release tension, as well as specific sites of pain/inflammation.” Jenny Hackett (57), Devon

Timothy JohnThese lamps are a huge benefit for me and my patients…’ “I have always been very wary of new devices and their claims but I was very pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the BIOlamps. My patients who suffer from a wide range of musculoskeletal complaints seem to feel great relief from the use of the lamp. These lamps are a huge benefit for me and my patients and I’m using them on myself now .” Timothy John, D.O. Registered Osteopath, No 1 Harley Street, London

Another benefit of using a BIOlamp is that there’ s no need to travel long distances to receive treatment (particularly if you live in a rural area…)

‘The lamp is a godsend for people like me who live in remote places…’ “The lamp is a godsend for people like me who live in remote places and can’t be regularly travelling to visit acupunctures or deep tissue massagers.” Mrs Meg Flaherty, The Aran Islands

Here’s the most important part…how much does BIOlamp cost?

How much would you expect to pay for such an effective, safe and natural pain-relief product? Remember, BIOlamp is only available from one company in the U.K. – ours.


A standard BIOlamp costs just £165. (This price includes P&P.)

But you won’t have to pay us any money just yet.


I believe the only way you can see for yourself whether BIOlamp is as good as I say, is for you to try it out for FREE – for 2 weeks.

Here’s my risk-free offer to you – send no money now

  1. Order your BIOlamp today and use it for a full 2 weeks for free. If you decide that it doesn’t help relieve your pain in the ways I promised, you don’t have to pay us anything.

  2. If you wish to return it at any time during this 2-week trial period, we will arrange to collect it from you (so you won’t even have to pay any postage to return it to us.)

That’s right. If you’re not delighted with the BIOlamp for any reason, you won’t even have to go to the post office or pay for any return postage. We’ll arrange to collect it from your own home at a convenient time, and you won’t owe us a penny.

So please don’t delay and make sure you order your BIOlamp today,
simply call 0800 036 1136 and quote ref OXBOR2

I firmly believe that using a BIOlamp will have such a profound impact on your life, that I’m willing to take the risk of making you this offer.

What's more, it’s important that you have the opportunity to try BIOlamp and see how it can help relieve your painful symptoms.

One more thing. It’s important…

Over the last few pages, you’ve learned a lot about BIOlamps:

back1.How its unique dual-action formula provides pain relief where it’s most needed.

2. The BIOlamp is a Class IIa medical device attesting to the highest standards laid down by the European Medical Device

3.Directive and EN ISO 9001 / EN ISO 13485.the patenting of BIOlamp by the Chinese government and the certification of BIOlamp by many other government agencies.

4 The studies of the medical community (both conventional and alternative), the scientific research, and the letters sent to us by some of our many customers, thanking us for helping to change their lives for the better.

Whilst the BIOlamp is certainly not a panacea (nor would I ever make such a claim) its pain-relief properties have been recognised in numerous medical studies, as well as by our delighted customers.

Think for a moment what you could gain from using it. The possibility of a life of reduced pain, increased flexibility in your joints, being able to climb stairs and bend over without fear, doing things you thought you’d never do again: gardening; walking; playing with your grandchildren…

Remember. You are under no obligation to us and you risk nothing by taking advantage of this 2-week free trial offer, as you don’t have to pay us a penny.

Here’s How to Order your BIOlamp today…

Remember a standard Biolamp costs just £165 and you can try out our BIOlamp yourself, for FREE, for 2 weeks, please call us on 0800 036 1136 (quoting ref code OXBOR2) Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Remember. You do not need to pay us when you order by phone. You only have to pay after you have used your BIOlamp for a full 2 weeks and decide to keep it, and not a moment before.

As soon as we receive your order, your BIOlamp will be sent to you by courier and will arrive within 1-3 days, together with full instructions on how to use it.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Shine Director, BIOlamps

PS – I’m convinced using a BIOlamp could relieve your symptoms of pain and make a huge difference to the quality of your life. You risk nothing by accepting this Free Trial Offer. You have 1 week to try it for free, and if you aren’t delighted with it, you owe us nothing. We’ll even arrange to collect your BIOlamp, so you don’t even have to pay any return postage.

To accept your Free Trial Offer, call us today on 0800 036 1136 (quoting ref OXBOR2) This offer is only open for a limited time, so please order today.

Medical Disclaimer

No claim is made by the company to diagnose, cure or prevent any specific disease or condition. If symptoms persist, please consult your doctor. It is the responsibility of the user to familiarise themselves with all guidelines and instructions contained within the user manual or attached to the apparatus. Do not use the appliance on numb or desensitised areas of the body, e.g. after using cold packs. If you wear a pacemaker, do not use the appliance on the chest area. In case of acute inflammatory swelling / flare up from a recent injury, do not use the appliance for at least 48 hours or until the swelling has subsided. Any patient suffering from a disease where it is inadvisable to raise the core temperature should consult their doctor for further advice. Pregnancy is not a specific contraindication but due care should be observed to avoid raising the core temperature. If pregnant, do not treat the abdominal region. As silicone absorbs infrared rays, any patient with superficial prostheses of silicone (such as the ear or nose) should consult their plastic surgeon for advice. Haemophiliacs and patients with severe bleeding disorders should avoid infrared radiation due to the increased risk of promoting bleeding from vasodilatation. If suffering from high blood pressure, avoid treating the head and neck areas. Do not use if suffering from fever / high temperature.

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